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She Doesn’t Deserve A Break

Amgen’s “She Doesn’t Deserve A Break” Campaign Delivers Unprecedented Results

Key Point

We used our StorySell method to deliver a powerful Story with an impactful course of action and a clear and simple call to action.


This campaign successfully integrated offline media to secure online activity.


We supercharged this campaign with SEO to deliver exceptional results including 25,000 Irish women over 65 (target audience) visiting the client website over 6 weeks + a reach of 4.9 million with our PR Campaign.

Positive Energy with Energia
Campaign Objective

The sole campaign objective was to drive women over 65 years old to take the threat of osteoporosis and their bone health seriously by taking a simple but effective online Risk Check.

Campaign Approach

Using audience persona insights combined with market research a profile of a 65-year-old ‘Kate’ was developed. To get Kate’s attention the disruptive campaign story would overtly tell her that “She Doesn’t Deserve a Break”.

RTÉ TV personality, Mary Kennedy, was chosen as the ideal role model to empower women on their bone-health journey.

The campaign sell was driven over a six-week period around World Osteoporosis Day 2020, consisted of a suite of assets and channels all with a call to action to take an online Risk Check.

The channels used as our course of action included:
• TV
• Radio
• Organic and Paid Social
• Content marketing
• Digital ad placements


PR reach of over 4.9 million (versus agreed 3 million)- a mix of digital and traditional.

The week surrounding World Osteoporosis Day, Facebook reach was nearly 100K people.

Direct response clearly visible through PR and Social Media with high peaks of traffics on-site during activation

• Overall social reach to our target demographic of women over 65 for the campaign of 334,419 (versus KPI of 200,000)

• An incredible 52% of website sessions took the Risk Check assessment versus the original KPI of 25%

• Over 6 weeks 25,000 people visited the website, 85% female 55+. (21,250).


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