About Legacy Communications.

We’re a different kind of agency.

We create impactful PR campaigns for our ambitious clients. Our stories persuade. Our strategy sells.

We have developed a new way of thinking about how we build our campaigns using our StorySell method so we can boost both awareness and conversions.

We use data to inform our campaigns; creativity to explode them and then we supercharge them with Digital PR, SEO, and content marketing.

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Legacy Communications - About Us

Our StorySell method frames a radical new way of thinking about communications strategy. We take the art of storytelling and the process of selling to create a powerful tool that ambitious marketers should be using.

StorySelling can boost awareness and drive conversions.

Whether you are B2B or B2C, or somewhere in-between, you need to recognise that effective communications campaigns should always be human-to-human. And humans love good stories. We’re wired that way. Our brains are not wired to retain sales facts and figures for long, but we are wired to retain stories. Stories that can help us make a purchase decision.

Whether your target buyer is a TikToker in Athlone or a global CEO in Atlanta. Whether they spend 4 minutes or 4 months in the sales funnel. We need to tell them a relatable story. Something compelling and something relevant if you want to capture their attention and persuade them to buy.

Once we’ve created your campaign story we need to develop a course of action and a call to action.

The course of action is how we distribute the story - how we meet your target audience where they are.

The call to action is how we generate leads when we ask them to take action. To click through, to visit your site, to download etc.

Meet our team

Bernard and James Brogan, the founders of Legacy, began the agency as a sports sponsorship agency. As demand from their ambitious clients grew they brought in the talented Kevin Moore as MD to drive the company forward, collectively they have built a highly skilled and talented team handpicked from PR; SEO; Content Marketing; Sponsorship and Digital PR.

Please meet some of our leadership team:

Our talent.

Bernard Brogan

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James Brogan

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Kevin Moore

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Claire O’Grady

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Niamh Hopkins

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James Elms

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The best looking man in Ireland in his own head

Micheal Brennan

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Mary McGuire

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Shireen McDonagh

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Our people and our culture are at the core of what makes Legacy Communications special. Our atmosphere, unlimited annual leave policy and Legacy Staff Training Academy are testament to this. We believe in helping our team reach their full potential.


Some of our proudest achievements.

Best PR Agencies in Dublin - Best in Ireland
IreSpon Award 2018
ESA Awards 2022 - Best Use of PR
Legacy - Be brave, be sound, be curious. (1)
Legacy is an agency built on 3 key values.
Legacy - Be brave, be sound, be curious. (2) (1)
Be Sound
Be Curious
Be Brave
Our culture.
Who we are
Founded by Bernard & James Brogan, Legacy has developed a reputation as one of the most progressive and exciting PR agencies in Ireland, As an agency born from a sporting ethos; high performance is central to our ways of working.

We are also built on three clear and simple core values, namely – Be sound. Be curious. Be brave.

Our values are not something that we paint on a wall in the boardroom; they are simply how we live and work together.

They are what we strive to be for each other and for our clients. Sound. Curious. Brave.

We are the type of people you want in your boardroom strategising how to solve real business problems with creative communication solutions.

But you’d also love to have a pint with us – we hope!

Corporate Social Responsibility

We do our Part.

Legacy is an agency committed to doing better all the time.

We listen to our team and clients on what really matters to them; because then it matters to us

Every year our brilliant team rise together at sunrise to support Darkness into Light with Pieta House. A client and cause we are all very passionate about and keen to raise funds for and an incredible opportunity for us to build stronger bonds.

As an agency born and bred from a sporting background; our founders Bernard and James Brogan always look to give back at a grassroots level. Legacy currently sponsor the training gear of the senior team within Plunketts GAA Club

Founder Bernard Brogan is also someone who is incredibly generous with his time and energy when it comes to cause-related work and although he isn’t keen to talk about it; he can often be found supporting a range of causes and businesses in a low-key but impactful way.

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