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Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Social media is a powerful medium to promote your business and brand. It should form part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Digital marketing describes online activity designed to promote your business, brand, product, or service. Often digital marketing is conflated with social media marketing. However, digital marketing includes content marketing, SEO, paid search, and display advertising.

Today, brands and businesses need to integrate their digital marketing activities with traditional, offline campaigns. We have found that increasingly offline activity can have an impact on your online channels.

At Legacy, we specialise in a number of digital marketing activities, such as:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital PR

Social media has grown in importance for businesses over the last decade.

There are two types of social media marketing: organic social and paid social. Organic social refers to the content you post to your social media timeline but do not promote with paid advertising. While useful for loyal followers of your channel, organic posts are only seen by a small percentage of your followers. In some cases, it is as little as 2-3%. For organic posts to be seen by a wider audience, it would require your followers engaging or sharing the post.

In recent years social media channels have tried to encourage businesses to use paid advertising on their channel by reducing the reach of organic posts. In reality, organic posts on social media channels will have limited effect for businesses as you have tried limited ability to target an audience. If you are serious about social media marketing you need to strongly consider paid advertising campaigns.

Social media.

When it comes to picking the right social media channel for your business, the best social channel is the one that your target audience is already using. Facebook has the best and most sophisticated platform, but this is no use if your audience is more likely to be on LinkedIn.

The most popular social media channel is Facebook, but social media marketing can include LinkedIn, Reddit, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and any other channel.

Even if your audience is on a particular social media channel, unless you use paid ads, you cannot accurately target your audience. This is what we spoke about above in relation to the organic reach on social media channels.

At Legacy, we have managed paid social campaigns for a number of clients across a range of different channels.

A good paid social media strategy involves using the full sales/marketing funnel approach. Once you’ve chosen your social media channel(s) a simple sales/marketing funnel stages has three stages.

Awareness – making people aware of your brand/business while gathering an audience
Interest – Remarketing to your audience with more insightful content
Action – further remarketing to the engaged portion of your audience with a strong call to action

As you begin to gather audiences, depending on the social media channel, you can create lookalike audiences. These are new prospects based on the type of people you have already gathered as an audience. These are people who may have missed your ads, use competitor companies or are new to the area that your product/service is involved in.

Position your brand at the top of Page 1 in Google.

Using ads on social media is a great way to connect with your target audience.

Having the right content is one thing, having the right distribution strategy is crucial to success.

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