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Golf, Guinness & Google Ads: Success for Executive Travel

Key Points

Our keyword strategy is built on showing ads to those searching for high-end “private tours of Ireland”. We opted for a less is more strategy with exact match keywords, where all converting terms are mined & added.


All conversion actions on the site were tracked correctly to give us the best data. This includes the lead submit form but also a Livechat feature on the site. All bidding is conversion-focused to increase performance


We have a tailored audience strategy. We’ve layered additional audiences onto the campaigns to further enhance conversions with kingpin campaigns to solely concentrate on the audiences that drive leads.

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Our Objectives

We wanted to concentrate on quality over quantity. We were tasked with increasing the conversion rate by identifying the most targeted audience within the market and pointing the budget towards this audience as part of a “waterfall” technique where we maxed out the kingpin campaigns first.

Our Approach

Our approach is hyper focus on conversion.

It is also very much an ongoing strategy monitoring which audiences are driving the highest conversion rates and then pointing the budget towards these audiences to send traffic to beautiful landing pages, with ad copy that is tested and refined.

The Result

Leads +300%
Conversion Rate +600%
Cost Per Lead -71%

In the last four months from Oct 23 to Feb 24, the conversion rate has increased by this amount. This has resulted in an increase in overall leads and lower cost per lead.


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