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LogiWorld Gets More Leads For A Reduction In Cost Per Lead.

Key Points

Correct conversion tracking was vital for our success. We made sure that we were able to track form submissions, calls through the call extension and onsite but also “live chat” conversations.


The website experience is one of the greatest factors for success. We created separate landing pages for our PPC campaigns. These were based on campaign/ad group themes.


All campaigns were built out with tight ad groups according to theme, to enhance keyword quality score. This allowed us to action an enhanced audience and bidding strategy.

Campaign Objectives

The objective of the campaigns is to provide as many leads as possible for the client for the lowest cost per lead possible.

Campaign Approach

Our approach was actioned month on month with gradual increases in performance from ongoing optimisations on the campaigns as part of our best practice programme.

This was primarily with generic traffic introducing potential customers to the brand but then also by protecting the brand with separate branded campaigns.


*Clicks increased +172%
*Cost per click decreased -42%
*Leads increased +75%
*Cost per lead decreased -12%

Comparing year on year, we have seen a sizable increase in leads, with a reduction in both cost per click and cost per lead. This is data comparing 2023 to 2022.

“Legacy Communication’s work on our PPC campaigns is an integral part of our lead gen programme. It is something that is constantly evolving as we continue to optimize toward success”. Haley Whittaker - LogiWorld


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