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In the early days of Legacy, sports sponsorship was one of our main pursuits. Over time we grew our award-winning sponsorship division and broadened the reach beyond sport into many different sectors including events, media, charity and cultural.

Sponsorship PR

As we grew we became particularly skilled in all areas of sponsorship. We bring our independent and creative thinking into play and our open minded and curious attitude to truly understand how your brand shows up in a meaningful way for the audience or fans in question. We help brands align their brand values with their sponsorship portfolio to ensure you’re communicating with your target audience in the right way through your sponsorship.

Sponsorship provides an opportunity to build business-focused solutions like increasing brand awareness, lead generation, sales, brand affinity, engagement with your audience, improving the corporate social responsibility perception of your brand, proving a beneficical ROI and ultimately building trust with your target audience.

Our sponsorship activations include a strategic mix of services to ensure it’s right for both you as a brand, and the rightsholder including PR, internal communications, creative strategy, content creation, social media activation, ambassador and influencer marketing, events and experiential. The right mix of these marketing tools is what makes our sponsorships successful.

The cornerstone in our award-winning campaigns has always been the ability to identify the target audience and create campaigns that speak directly to the problems and needs. In recent years we have complemented our traditional persona research with online data from customer touchpoints with the brands. Increasingly we have seen success by measuring  online and offline results regardless of the media being used.


Once you’ve identified and understand your target audience, this makes the activation element of sponsorship more straightforward. Activation is never easy, however if you clearly understand the motivations of your target audience you can tap into this when choosing your method of activation.

Ultimately, a successful sponsorship activation campaign leads to increased engagement between the brand and the target audience. In the old days sponsorship might have been seen as fleeting. Today, sponsorship with activation creates an experience and memories. It’s fair to say that every brand wants to be remembered.

Our approach to sponsorship activation has evolved down through the years. With the variety of media and opportunities available to brands today, there definitely is not a silver bullet solution. One of Legacy’s defining qualities is the creativity and originality we bring to campaign planning and execution. Each time we assemble a team to work on a brand campaign we want to build on our previous success, explore new avenues and go further for our clients.

As we have evolved as an agency we have been able to offer brands a more rounded PR, communications and more recently digital solutions to grow their business. Quite often sponsorship activation goes hand in hand with other marketing activities, such as Digital PR. We have developed our own StorySell model in the Digital PR space to give our clients a way of building their brand online, reaching their target audience, and taking potential customers on a journey with the brand.

Brand perception is still one of the driving forces behind consumer decisions. Sponsorship activation is a great way for people to engage with your brand.

We can activate your sponsorships, to create memorable, long lasting campaigns that resonate with your target audience

Small and snappy or big and bold, we can build a tailored sponsorship strategy that suits your business and elevates your brand

Strategically partnering with a personality (athlete, musician, influencer, media personality or otherwise) that will help you engage directly with your target audience.

Buidling trust, credibility and connection for your brand with your target audience in an environment natural to them.

Creating valuable memories for your market associated with your brand.

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