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SEO Makes The Dream Work For Teamwork

Legacy's full funnel, content led approach to SEO, drives phenomenal results for Teamwork's website traffic and conversation rates.

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Key Points

We created several completely new sections on the website, including specific pages for teams and use cases. One of the content hub's we spearheaded grew to become nearly 30% of all traffic across the entire site.


We helped create and implement targeted CTAs (call to actions) to drive even more visitors to sign up for a trial.


We split the campaign up into the top, middle, and bottom of funnel content/pages, with a specific focus on using the top and middle of the funnel to drive website visitors to the bottom of funnel pages.

Teamwork case study (example) (2)
Teamwork case study (example) (1) (1)
Campaign Objectives

1. Increase organic traffic across the entire site
2. Increase overall trials to the core product
3. Increase conversions from blog traffic
4. Rank for relevant, niche-specific keywords that were key to their core customer base/ideal customer profile.
5. Identify new ways to drive traffic to the site and increase organic trials
6. Increase Mailing list opt-ins

Campaign Approach

We identified the need for Teamwork to create ready-made templates and drove product strategy for the client, via our SEO keyword research. We created specific landing pages for the client that ranked directly in the SERPs and drove users to trial signup. We helped to develop a full content strategy that would help drive new traffic and trials,

By identifying new sections and opportunities we were able to add traffic, trial signups, and marketing opt-ins to the site that never existed before, which meant Teamwork no longer had to rely solely on the brand for driving organic metrics


The core content hub created by our team generated 30% of all traffic on their website.

We increased blog trial signups by 620% between 2020 - 2021.

Overall organic website traffic increased by 61% year over year.

Organic Trial signups to the core project management product increased by 58% year over year.


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