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Hidden Hearing's visibility online

Hidden Hearing partnered with Legacy Communications to grow appointments through SEO across the 80+ clinics in the Republic of Ireland.

Hidden Hearing Case study
Key Points

We targeted serviced-based keywords on a domestic and local level to ensure we appeared to customers from every part of Ireland.


We manage the three pillars of SEO: content, conversion, and link building to ensure we are growing appointments year-over-year.


We tailored our messaging throughout the pandemic to ensure the target market felt comfortable booking an appointment, leading to a conversion rate of over 7.80%.

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Campaign Objective

Hidden Hearing wanted to grow domestic appointments. Using Google My Business, they also wanted to grow on a local level. Their goal was to compete with their biggest competitors, including Specsavers.

Campaign Approach

We used our unique content optimisation process to rank highly for our service-based keywords: ear wax removal, hearing aids, and hearing test. Our team optimised the tech side of the website to improve speed to ensure more users stay on the website. Introduced schema onto the website to provide extra context for the search engine. We created a section about the different types of hearing aids to educate the readers and show the features of Hidden Hearings range of hearing aids.


Appointments are up by 78% year-over-year. Appointments are up by 108% when we compare Sept 2021 to March 2022 against Sept 2019 to March 2020 (pre-pandemic)

We rank first for many bottom of funnel, decision making keywords

• Organic search accounts for 45% to 48% of all appointments from Sept 2021 to March 2022.

• Putting the appointment form on each page had a 35% increase in conversion rate.

• Reactive coverage during the airing of “Sex and the City” for Hidden Hearing on Irish Mirror.


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