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Good SEO will help your business get found. A great SEO agency creates a powerful online marketing engine that operates 24/7/365. Our team of award-winning SEO Experts have over 30 years of combined experience and are ready to grow your traffic and sales.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is exactly as it sounds - it is a repeatable process that improves the relevance and quality of the content on a website. Search engines, like Google, use around 200 ranking factors to decide where your webpage should rank depending on what words someone has used in a Google search.

Relevance is probably the word that needs focusing on. The best way to think of the search engine results page (SERP) is that it is a popularity contest. The search engine, or the judges, use a list of different things to decide which webpage is the best, second best, third best… answer for a particular search query.

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Not Just An SEO Agency – Your SEO Partners

One of the best ways to try and win this popularity contest is by publishing content that is highly relevant to what people search for. Obviously, businesses need to tailor their content to search queries relevant to their products and services. And this is where SEO comes in. A comprehensive SEO strategy will help you find out the most relevant searches for your business, which means you can create really relevant content for your potential customers. If you produce relevant content that is also of high quality – visual, interactive, fresh multimedia; in-depth information – then you have a win-win.

SEO is an extremely powerful marketing tool for businesses. A well optimised website means you are marketing your products and services through the search engines 24/7/365. The award-winning team at Legacy is perfectly placed to help you grow your organic traffic and your business.


Cost Effective SEO Services

SEO is also an extremely cost-effective method of marketing. Quite often once the content has been produced and optimised for search, there is very little maintenance required. A comprehensive SEO strategy will include annual audits of your site to see if keyword trends or algorithm changes, among other things, have affected your rankings.

As the internet is global, your business has an opportunity to access markets outside your region as you can tailor your content towards export markets.

As SEO applies to the pages published on your website, the impact is recorded in your website’s analytics. The people that use your website can be categorised depending on the source, or how they found your website. By optimising the content on your website you are giving your web pages a better chance of ranking high on the SERP. Therefore, SEO will impact the amount of Organic search traffic coming to your website.

SEO Agency With Offices in Dublin & Cork

By optimising the content on your website you are giving your web pages a better chance of ranking high on the SERP. Therefore, SEO will impact the amount of organic search traffic coming to your website.

Approximately half of all website visitors originate from a search engine. For businesses though, especially B2B companies, organic search traffic can be a profitable source of business.

SEO is the backbone of our Digital PR and content marketing services. If you’d like to hear more about one of these services that can help you grow your business, please get in touch today.

Our team is based across Ireland and the UK, with offices in Dublin and Cork and we’re ready to help you grow your traffic, whether your business is local, national or international.

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