Google Adwords Infographic – 10 Adwords Hacks To Get You More Leads



I used to fish a lot when I was a kid, I remember long summer evenings spent by lazy rivers fishing for Trout in Cork. My uncle Liam was a great fisherman and I loved going fishing with him, as it meant I was pretty much guaranteed to catch something. If I didn’t catch a fish at least I’d probably catch a cold (summer weather in Ireland can be a little bit unpredictable!) As I grew older I began to wonder how he caught a fish every time, so I asked him and he told me that “it’s pretty easy… always fish where the fish are.”

Simple advice about fishing, but what has that got to do with a Google AdWords Infographic or digital marketing? The answer is pretty straightforward, if you own a business then Google AdWords allows you to “fish where the fish are”. For instance, if someone searches on Google for your product or service, AdWords will allow you to get in front of that person at the exact moment that they are trying to find you. Just like the fish is looking for a worm, people are actively looking for your product or service, with AdWords you can actively target them and you only pay if they “bite” on your ad!


Some businesses have grown from 25 to 250 employee’s with Google AdWords but often when I’m at a networking event and tell someone what I do, the response that I’m met with is that “AdWords doesn’t work” or that “AdWords is Too Expensive”, my response is usually the same – “It probably doesn’t work because you’re doing it wrong”.


Remember, AdWords and other PPC platforms like Bing, allow you to fish where the fish are, so if you think that AdWords is too expensive or that it doesn’t work, then your probably fishing in an empty lake. You’re probably using broad match keywords that drain your budget, you’re probably not tracking conversions to see what keywords are working best for you, you’re probably not using landing pages…. the list goes on.

If you want to run a successful AdWords campaign, then you need to learn how to run a campaign like the pro’s and with this Google AdWords Infographic – “10 AdWords Hacks To Get You More Leads” we show you some of the ways you can hack AdWords, to get more bang from your marketing buck and grow your business to new heights! PS If you like this one, there’s 10 more AdWords Hacks here:



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