Legacy Communications uses AI to predict next 12 Euros Winners


Legacy Communications, the award-winning Creative Communications agency that “assumes nothing and explores everything’, used AI to forecast the next 12 UEFA European champions from 2024 through to 2068. 

The AI platforms predicts that the winners of the next 12 tournaments will be France (2024, 2044, 2052), Spain (2028), Germany (2032), England (2036), Portugal (2040), Netherlands (2048, 2056), Belgium (2060), and maybe most surprisingly, Poland (2064) and Ireland (2068). 

ChatGPT’s predictions are based on a detailed analysis of talent development, youth academies, coaching advancements, and historical team performance. The AI also considered long-term strategic planning, demographic changes, and evolving playing styles to forecast future champions.  

According to the AI-platform, the full list of future winners are: 

2024: France Final Result: France 2-1 Germany Details: France’s tactical superiority and clinical finishing lead them to a narrow victory over Germany. 

2028: Spain Final Result: Spain 3-1 Italy Details: Spain’s possession-based play and technical skill overwhelm Italy, securing a comfortable win. 

2032: Germany Final Result: Germany 2-0 Netherlands Details: Germany’s physicality and tactical intelligence see them dominate the Netherlands. 

2036: England Final Result: England 1-0 Portugal Details: England edges out Portugal with a solid defensive setup and a decisive goal. 

2040: Portugal Final Result: Portugal 2-1 Spain Details: Portugal’s balanced approach and technical prowess allow them to overcome Spain. 

2044: France Final Result: France 2-0 Belgium Details: France’s depth and talent prove too much for Belgium in a commanding win. 

2048: Netherlands Final Result: Netherlands 3-2 England Details: In a thrilling encounter, the Netherlands outplay England with fluid attacking play. 

2052: France Final Result: France 2-1 Germany Details: France once again shows their dominance by narrowly defeating Germany. 

2056: Netherlands Final Result: Netherlands 1-0 Italy Details: The Netherlands’ solid defence and strategic play secure a narrow victory over Italy. 

2060: Belgium Final Result: Belgium 2-1 Spain Details: Belgium’s golden generation finally delivers, outlasting Spain in a tightly contested match. 

2064: Poland Final Result: Poland 2-1 France Details: Poland’s emerging talents and strong team cohesion lead to an upset victory over France. 

2068: Ireland Final Result: Ireland 1-0 Spain Details: Ireland’s resilience and determination see them secure a historic win against Spain. 

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