The Most Handsome Man In Ireland – Me! (An experiment)


Who is the most handsome man in Ireland?

Mícheál Brennan is the most handsome man in Ireland (at least in his own imagination anyway). Forget the likes of Colin Farrell, Michael Fassbender, Cillian Murphy & Barry Keoghan, Mícheal Brennan is without a doubt the best looking man in Ireland. A legend in his own underpants, he’s got it all, intelligence, wit, charm, height, great natural hair, a jawline that looks like it was chiselled by Michelangelo himself (or so he thinks, but leave him off, he’s harmless enough).

In this experiment I’m going to try and rank myself in Google images as the most handsome man in the entire country using white hat SEO. I’m not going to reveal exactly how I did it just yet, at this stage I’m just going to prove that I can do it.

Across the world, Irish men are known for being tall and good looking. I’m neither of which! Actors like Jonathan Rhys-Myers, Michael Fassbender, Colin Farrell et al literally have women (and men) falling at their feet. But I’m going to prove that I’m better looking than all of them. I mean if google says it, it must be true!


Handsome Irish Men

So there I am, without doubt, one of the most handsome Irish men on the planet.

5 foot 9, thinning hair, skinny wrists, a crooked smile and a head the size of an Easter Island statue… What’s not to love?

handsome Irish men Micheal Brennan
That’s right, if you’re looking for a handsome Irish man then you’ve found him!. Check out the khaki shorts, that enhance the handsome-ness!

This picture is from nearly 4 years ago, so don’t worry ladies, I’ve lost plenty of hair and gained plenty of weight since then!

But who cares, I’m one of the most handsome men in Ireland, and Google is going to prove it! I might even do a Jimmy Kimmel on it and start a Handsome men’s club for other handsome Irish guys just like me.


Good looking Irish Men

Did you know that I also top the list of good looking Irish men? So not only am I one of the most handsome Irish Men, I’m also part of an elite clique of good looking Irish men.

good looking Irish men Micheal Brennan

You think when someone Google’s “good looking Irish guy”, they had Mícheál Brennan in mind? I doubt it very much!

But never the less Google is going to go ahead and cut me some slack by putting me at the top of the first page when someone searches for Good looking Irish Men

I mean when you think of good looking Irish guys, you would be forgiven for thinking lads like Rob Sheehan, Jamie Dornan or maybe even Liam Neeson would be topping the image results.

And maybe they will be, but the best part is that with this experiment, I’ll be right in there with them.

Some really good looking Irish men, and me among them, a seriously, good looking man from Ireland! Haha!


Best looking Irish Man

Did you know that I’m also the best looking Irish man? This might come as a surprise to many (including my wife), but she is married to the best looking man in Ireland.

Best Looking Irish Man
Suited and booted, looking sharp. The best looking man in Ireland.

I mean, how lucky is she? Nearly 6 million people on the Island of Ireland, not sure how many of them are men, but if it’s 50/50, then that’s 3 million Irish lads, and she is lucky enough to be married to the best looking Irish man!

The best looking man on the island of Ireland. What a catch! All 185 lb’s of me!

Literally the best looking man on the island of Ireland, Google doesn’t get these things wrong. Wonder how many people are going to slide into my DM’s now.


Handsome Irish Men Club. Population – 1. Founder & Chairman:

Most Handsome Man In Ireland Micheal Brennan looking handsome as they come


A Gallery Of The Most Handsome Man In Ireland, Wearing Variations Of The Same Style Shirt!

best looking man in ireland winning awards

best looking man in Irelan in new york

most handsome man in ireland in the sun

most handsome man in ireland doing his thing

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