Get A Better ROI From Your Marketing Budget With Google AdWords: Infographic



At Legacy Communications we love Google AdWords and SEO. We hate bad marketing! In our opinion, bad marketing is any marketing campaign that doesn’t produce a positive return on investment. Some of the more traditional forms of advertising such as newspaper advertising, command really high fees and in our opinion don’t produce great results any more – unless you have a monster budget and don’t need to actively measure the ROI from your marketing campaign.

Because we love Google AdWords so much and hate bad marketing even more, we decided to create a Google AdWords Infographic to compare pay per click advertising with some other advertising platforms, to illustrate just how much more value you can get from a Google AdWords campaign versus some other advertising options. Whether you are looking to increase ROI on your marketing budget, or just simply measure the results of your marketing campaigns better, Google AdWords is the answer!


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