Growing Importance of Diversity within a Tech Workplace


Foreward: As an SEO I’ve got a real interest in SEO for Tech/SAAS companies and try to share as much value as I can for people in this industry.

Most of the content I publish for tech companies is around search marketing, but I thought it would be interesting to provide value in a different way for a change.

With this in mind, I was delighted to accept this guest post from Gempool, a specialist tech recruitment agency, on Diversity in a tech workplace.


Growing Importance of Diversity within a Tech Workplace

As an employer, especially in today’s market, you want to be known for your all-inclusive approach and perspective when it comes to your tech team. In order to attain equality and cultural diversity within tech, there is a lot of work that still needs to be done.

Companies that do not specifically focus on diversity don’t realise the talent pools they are missing out on and the benefits they carry. It has been proven time and again that an inclusive workforce delivers better outcomes and results.

Today, your entire recruitment process can be impacted based on your approach to diversity. The vast majority of individuals in the market are looking for companies that are aware of the inequality that exists in the industry and are trying to make an effort to bridge this gap.

Along with an improved recruitment process using tools such as Linkedin Recruiter, companies have a greater room for innovation when employing a diverse workforce, as you’re able to engage with individuals with different backgrounds and experiences.

This variety of these perspectives adds unmatched value to a company’s growth. Additionally, an inclusive work environment has led to better engagement and retention rates within organisations.

A culturally diverse workforce adds to the organisation’s success on various levels and any organisation that does not acknowledge its importance is going to be missing out!


How can you as a tech employer create a diverse workforce?

  • Voice your support on diversity and deliver

While applying for jobs all potential candidates are looking for a promising stand from their potential employer regarding diversity. It is key to address this from the very beginning via a job description that not only states the company’s commitment to diversity but voices it through all the points.

Show your potential talent pool that you’re a welcoming, collaborative, and friendly workplace who appoints individuals based on the skills they are able to bring to the table over any other factor.

Download our guide on writing a gender-diverse job description to help with your recruitment efforts.

  • Make way for training

One of the biggest barriers that create inequality within the workforce is the confidence gap that exists between individuals. The best way to overcome this issue is by providing candidates with the opportunity to learn and develop their skills.

For example: In our own personal recruitment process we decided to shine a light on the training provided which encouraged more people to apply. Outlining the ability to learn on the job broke the confidence barrier that people generally tend to have while entering a new field of work, which in-turn widened the pool of candidates available to us.

  • Ensure equal pay

Providing both men and women with the same opportunity should be the norm for any company. As an employer, if you’re able to demonstrate that you are trying to eliminate this gap and present your employees with similar pay and benefits, the level of talent you’ll be able to attract will grow.

While looking for work, people tend to look into the company brand and the associations attached to it since they look for qualities they resonate with. So, as an employer to be successful in today’s recruitment market it would be essential to get the right associations, and to be known as the employer supporting equal pay. This would essentially make you the employer of choice.

  • Root out unconscious bias

Unconscious bias exists within everyone and is far more difficult to root out as it is predominantly based on the previous experiences of individuals.

As an employer, there are many ways you can eliminate these issues. A few examples to get you started are:

  • Developing training programs
  • Using Artificial Intelligence for your recruitment efforts
  • Arranging ongoing sessions to discuss issues and deal with them consistently
  • Understand your biases and make a conscious effort to overcome them
  • Encourage returners

Be more receptive towards those individuals who took a career break, but still have an exceptional skill set, apt background, and the knowledge to get the work done.

We see many times within tech that women often take a career break, but look to return after a point. As an employer dipping into this pool of talent can only help you reach a winder candidate network that can benefit your organisation in the long run.

Leave no stone unturned, look for talent from all walks of life. The more inclusive atmosphere you can create within your organisation, the great levels of success you will be able to achieve.

We understand that the big changes cannot happen overnight, rather it is a series of steps. The main takeaway from this should be that you need to start now because diversity and inclusion are quickly becoming the focus within the tech recruitment industry. There’s a huge pool of talent for you as an employer to tap into.

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