Reaction To Donald Trump Victory [Infographic]


This past week, it seemed like the entire world was talking about Donald Trumps victory in the US presidential election. The result was surprising, given the many controversies that hit Mr. Trump’s campaign and with all of the polls indicating that Hilary Clinton would win the election by a clean sweep. But the American people felt differently, Mr. Trumps victory is a clear indication that the Yanks are disillusioned with politics and it would appear that Donald Trump offered the only clear alternative to both the Democrat’s and the Republican parties. People from all over the world reacted to the victory, with social media blowing up and the result of the US election was felt around the world. We decided to summarize all of the best reaction to the election in one handy dandy infographic that covers everything from the funniest reactions, to reactions from the world of sport and everything else in between. We hope you enjoy it!

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