Five Reasons To Spend Your Marketing Budget On Digital Marketing



Gone are the days when businesses craved television, newspaper and radio ads. Such traditional advertising methods are not only expensive nowadays but they are not well targeted meaning they offer no guarantees of getting the best returns on the marketing budget. As a result, the internet has provided a much needed alternative with the advent of digital marketing.

If you are still wasting your money on traditional marketing methods, here are five reasons to convince you that you need to start spending your marketing budget on digital marketing instead:

Digital marketing provides a level playing field

With digital marketing, the playing field is levelled for both small and big businesses. No matter the size of your enterprise, you can compete effectively with the industry leaders if you have a solid digital marketing strategy. It is a free for all playground where your success is determined by your strategy and not the size of your business or the size of your marketing budget.

It is easy to measure the results from digital marketing

A common marketing joke is that “5o% of my marketing works, I just don’t know which 50%” – Unlike traditional marketing methods, digital marketing gives you real-time results on what is working and what is not working as far as your marketing campaigns are concerned. It gives you access to advanced analytics capabilities that will let you evaluate key metrics of your digital marketing campaigns.

For instance, you will get to know the exact amount of traffic you generate, the demographics of your audiences, their location, behaviour, devices used to view your ads, etc. These will, in turn, help you to fine tune your campaigns for maximum results.

Instant results

Digital marketing methods, like Google AdWords, for example, have the potential of generating immediate results for your advertising campaigns. It is possible to set up a campaign and start making sales while at the same time getting real data for further optimisation. You don’t have to wait for weeks or days to evaluate the performance of your campaigns as is usually the case with traditional forms such as billboards and magazine ads.

Control over your audience and budget

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of digital marketing is the ability to choose the particular people to see your advertisements. With digital marketing, your adverts are targeted to individuals who have shown interest or are likely to be interested in your products or services. In return, you stand a chance of getting higher ROIs since the ads are not just targeting any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Most of the consumers are spending more time online

The immense growth of the Internet and increased use of mobile devices have seen the number of people accessing the web rise exponentially. Many people are turning to the Internet for entertainment, to interact with friends on social media, search for goods and services and read products reviews before they can make a purchase. In 2005 there were 1 billion internet users, this number had risen to 2.8 billion users by 2014 and it is estimated that by 2020 there will be 38 Billion devices on this planet, therefore, it makes perfect sense for any business to spend their marketing budget on digital marketing since this is where the consumers like to spend most of their time. Digital marketing allows you to reach all of your potential customers across all of their devices. If you want to fish, you go to the river and not the desert.

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