Small Business Marketing Series: Four Inexpensive Places to Market your Small Business



Marketing is crucial for any small business that hopes to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, new business owners often face a lot of hurdles in raising funds for small business marketing, compared to the larger enterprises which have full marketing departments with considerable budgets.

But this should not be the end for small businesses as far as marketing is concerned. There are a few places that small businesses can use very effectively to get considerable exposure. Here are four inexpensive places ideal for small business marketing:

1- Social Media


Social media is one of the top inbound marketing options for small business marketing. At just a fraction of the cost, you can put your products and services before the eyes of millions of users on the various social media channels. The fact that there are plenty of social media platforms adds to your diversity and convenience in the sense that you can target your marketing based on different demographics that suits your marketing.

2- Blogging


Blogging has always provided a nice avenue to give fresh and quality content to customers and also to attract new customers to businesses. All you have to do with blogging for small business marketing is to focus your efforts on producing thought provoking, well researched and SEO optimized content on a regular basis.

When you do this consistently, your blog will start to build up a following besides getting ranked in the search engines where you will have an added advantage of getting highly targeted traffic to your business. Blogging should thus be considered as a very important part of your strategy for small business marketing.

3- Local Marketing


There are several local online business directories like yelp or hotfrog, which allow companies to post their names, description of services or products offered as well as the contact details. Listing your business in such places will give you additional exposure to potential clients who use such directories to find products or service providers.

In addition to listing your business in local online directories, some of them will allow you to promote coupons and other special deals to the people in your region, hence, making this form of local business marketing very powerful. Additionally, you won’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve all these.

4- Exhibiting Live


In Person At Trade Shows


The use of trade shows is another you can use for your small business marketing. With trade shows, you get an opportunity to interact with potential customers where you have a chance to tell them more or even give live demonstrations of your products and services.

From such events, you can collect a list of potential clients whom you can follow up later. The only caveat with trade shows is that you will have to travel to the places where they are being held, and this might prove tricky at times.

These are just but a few of the places where small business marketing might bear some good fruits. But you shouldn’t forget about others such as participating in local events, networking, giving free samples out at your local supermarket amongst others.

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