5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Google Adwords Partner Agency



Using a Google AdWords Partner Agency is one of the smartest marketing decisions you will make. With the entire world going digital, Pay Per Click advertising has become one of the most cost effective and measurable forms of advertising, as it allows you to get in front of prospective customers, at the exact moment they are searching for the goods or service you offer and you only pay if they click on your ad.


There has never been a more cost effective form of advertising before now, in days gone by spending money on marketing was like throwing s*** at a wall and seeing what sticks, with PPC marketing you know where every single penny has been spent and can measure the return on investment down to the last cent. At the forefront of PPC marketing is Google AdWords. The power of Google AdWords is in the hands of the person managing the account which is why Google created the Google Partners program, to weed out the cowboys who will take your money and waste it on a terrible campaign. A badged Google Partner Agency has real experience managing AdWords campaigns, has conducted themselves within Google’s code of conduct and has passed the same exams as Google’s own AdWords support team. So with that we wanted to highlight the top 5 reasons why we think you should use a Google AdWords Partner Agency to manage your AdWords campaign.

They Will Save You Money – A good Google AdWords Partner Agency will save you money by setting up your account correctly from day one. They won’t make the same mistakes that you will when setting up your own campaign, such as using broad match keywords. This will ensure that your campaign is optimised from day one, that you can start getting leads from day one, and that your PPC budget gives you a return on investment from day one, without wasting any of your budget and saving you a fortune in the process.

They Will Grow Your ROI – A Google Partner Agency will have years of experience managing Adwords campaigns, this means that they’ve made the mistakes already and learned from them. They have learned what works well for clients and used those lessons to create better campaigns that have a better ROI. An example where we increased ROI was when we increased leads at Masterkabin by over 600% without increasing ad spend. Obviously the increased volume of leads increased their sales, meaning they got a lot more revenue for the same ad spend. If you want to know how we did this you can read about it here.

They Have Passed The Same Exams As Google AdWords Support – One of the criteria for getting the Google Partners badge, is that an agency needs to have at least one AdWords Certified Professional in house, this means that they have passed at least 2 AdWords certification exams. To pass these exams you need to score at least 80% or higher, so you can be confident that when you are working with a Google AdWords Partner Agency, they know the AdWords system back to front and know how to work with it to achieve the best results for your business.

They Are Not Google – Google is Google, it’s a great company with great people but Google AdWords support can sometimes be a bit one dimensional as their knowledge is only of the Google AdWords System. They won’t be able to advise you on optimising your landing page so that it converts more visitors into leads. Matter of fact they won’t be able to offer you any help when it comes to website conversion optimisation. It’s in Google’s interest to optimise your campaign for clicks as it makes them more money, it’s in a PPC agency’s interest to optimise your campaigns for conversions as it increases your ROI. An AdWords agency will only view getting a click as the beginning of the battle, they will help you win the war by helping you create pages that increase conversions. You pay them to help you get the most out of your AdWords budget, but getting the most out of your AdWords budget isn’t just down to the set up of the campaign, there is many other factors that can help you increase leads and an PPC agency will think of all these factors when working on your campaign.

It’s In Their Interest To Grow Your Business – If you work with an AdWords agency, it is in their interest to provide you with kick ass digital marketing services. This allows them to retain you as a customer and help them grow their own revenue. It’s simple really; by growing your revenue they can also grow their own revenue and their own business. If an AdWords campaign managed by a Google Partner isn’t giving you an ROI, then you can stop using them meaning that they lose a customer, you can tell other business owners what a waste of money Google Adwords is and how their agency wasted all your money, you can even complain directly to Google about them, meaning they might lose their Google Partner Status. Being a Google Partner means they can be held directly accountable. If your agency isn’t a Google Partner then they aren’t accountable to anyone. Therefore it is in their interest to get you a great ROI from your budget, so that you continue to use their services and that you also recommend their services to other business owners, who can also benefit from PPC advertising.

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