SEO Keywords For A Tree Surgeon



SEO Keywords For A Tree Surgeon In Cork is our latest upload on SlideShare and as the title suggests it will come in very useful for a tree surgeon in Cork. It details some of the best keywords that should be used in an SEO campaign and it would also come in handy when putting together a PPC campaign. It also details the main competitors in the region that currently dominate the first page of


The research has been compiled using Google’s keyword planner tool, which I would definitely recommend when putting together a keyword strategy for your SEO campaign. You will need a google AdWords account to use this tool but the insight that it gives is insane, you can learn how many people search for relevant keywords in your area and also get some suggestions for keywords you may not have though of.

We regularly post keyword ideas for an SEO campaign, but if you don’t see any suggestions for your business then get in touch with us directly, we would be happy to send you some “keyword intelligence” for your business

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