How to turn €100 into €1655 – A Google Ads Case Study


Recently in April, I contacted one of my clients, a health and safety consultant based in Cork and asked him how he felt things were going with his Google Ads campaign. This client is meticulous when it comes to tracking revenue so I knew it would be a good answer and would be well tracked. His answer was the reason why I am such an advocate for Google Ads and why I feel that all small businesses should have a campaign. In the previous month – March 2015 – he had spent €100 on Google Ads, his return on this €100 spend was €1,655 which is a massive return on such a relatively small marketing spend. The revenue from Google Ads was made up as follows:

A Manual Handling course worth €240

A site visit worth €120

A site visit worth €180

A site visit worth €50

A safety course worth €640

A safety course worth €425

We also looked over his previous revenue and found that a lot of the clients that find him on Google initially, become repeat clients afterwards. In most cases his first “in” with the company is when they find him on google while searching for keywords like “manual handling course Cork”. After he has given the manual handling course at the business and they realize that he is a normal human being just like them and isn’t a health and safety maniac that “won’t let them use pencils for fear of them being too sharp and cutting someone”, they often enquire about other services he offers such as risk assessments, safety statements and on site consulting. One builder that found him through google when searching for a manual handling course has since given him €520 worth of business in the last 12 months and referred him to another builder that gave him approx €1,460 worth of work in the same period. That’s €520 directly from his Google Ads campaign and €1,460 indirectly, a return of €1,980 all from one click on Google which probably cost him in the region of €1.50-€2.00

So if you are a small business owner do yourself a favour and do it today, set up a Google Ads campaign and get yourself found online, it could end up bringing a lot of extra revenue to your business. If you don’t have the spare time to do it then hire a PPC agency like Legacy Communications to manage it for you, an experienced Google Ads agency will help you get a higher return and will get this return much quicker than you will, due to the learning curve you will be on when setting up your first Google Ads campaign.

If you can’t afford to pay a consulting fee and have some spare time to learn how to setup and manage an Google Ads campaign yourself then you absolutely have to do it! Some agencies will try to make Google Ads sound mystical, magical and impossible in bid to convince you that you need to pay them a fee, but the truth is that it Google Ads is user friendly and designed to help you bring in more business, everybody has to start somewhere even the top specialist at the top Google Ads agency had to learn Google Ads from scratch so there is nothing stopping you from learning it either. Our blog “setting up your first Google Ads campaign” has some great tips for someone that has never used Google Ads and points out some brilliant resources. You can also call Google, their new business team will help you setup your first Google Ads campaign and guide you to the right keywords for your business.

If you have any questions or would like some insight then contact us for a free review, we would be more than happy to get you on the road to PPC success.

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