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Digital PR is telling your story through a creative story to boost brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. We are one of the leading Digital PR Agencies in Ireland.

Award Winning Digital PR Agency

Digital PR is a digital marketing tactic that helps boost awareness of your brand and its online presence. The idea behind this is to create a compelling piece of content that provides real value to the target audience that is most important to your brand.

It combines creative content marketing, SEO, and PR. Because of the different disciplines involved, it is important to select a good Digital PR agency, like Legacy Communications.

It doesn’t have to (maybe shouldn’t) be about your product but something that your audience can really relate to. Of course the subject you cover will be relevant to your brand but it’s more important that you produce something meaningful for your target audience. While Digital PR is very similar to traditional PR, digital campaigns are more targeted, give more meaningful measurements and allow you to gather audiences for remarketing campaigns.

Traditional PR Agencies

  • Mainly uses offline media
  • Results are estimates
  • Campaign is temporary
  • Focuses mainly on campaign goals
  • Hard to measure audience engagement
  • Hard to share offline media

Digital PR Agencies

  • Mainly uses online media
  • Results are definite
  • Campaign assets can be recycled
  • Focus on long-term company goals
  • Easier to measure audience engagement
  • Easy to share online media
Digital PR.

Our Digital PR Agency creates high-value assets that will have multiple uses for your brand.

  • In the first instance these assets are an excellent way of gaining media exposure with a relevant audience
  • You can achieve this by being really targeted about the media outlets and influencers included in your outreach campaign
  • By picking the right outlet and influencers you know you will be reaching your target audience
  • In addition to the exposure and brand awareness, by securing links from media outlets and influencers you will be building authority, expertise and trust in the eyes of the search engines ranking your content.
  • Keyword research will help your creative content rank organically in search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • You will have a quality asset to share across social media channels in organic and paid campaigns.

We’re Not Just A Digital PR Agency. We’re Creative Communicators.

The internet is an incredibly crowded place. There are over 1,600,000,000,000 (one trillion six hundred billion) websites pushing content into the world every minute of every hour of every day. Unless you can stand out, you’ll be lost in the noise. As a result, the output by some brands is really high quality. When partnering with a digital PR agency it is important that the campaign focuses on quality over quantity.
Budget is an important consideration but should not prevent you from pursuing an idea.
Online PR campaigns are often associated with big-ticket, expensive creative assets but that doesn’t mean every campaign has to cost a massive amount.

The most important inputs are the idea and message you want to share with your audience.

It’s also important to realise that Digital PR campaigns help SEO, content marketing and media outreach to be successful. We provide all of these typical Digital PR Services at Legacy and would be delighted to hear how we can help grow your brand.

We think in a radically different way about how to create your story - we think differently, we do differently.

Legacy has a long track record dealing with media outlets and gaining valuable exposure for brands. Combine this traditional PR foundation with a Digital PR mindset and you've got a winning focus.

Yes Digital PR can be a key ingredient in your SEO campaigns, driving high authority links, brand mentions, citations and referral traffic to your website

A Digital PR agency will combine all of the power of traditional PR with measurable metrics that can boost all marketing channels

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