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As a marketing manager, do you feel your website isn't getting or converting enough visitors? Our website audit helps SME's uncover why & creates a plan to improve your SEO. Find out more or get in touch

Website Audit

Website audits are essential for any business that wants to ensure that its website is performing the way it should. Legacy's website audit takes a closer look at your website, like a mechanic doing a check of your car. Our SEO audit focuses on three main components of a successful campaign, content, conversions, and links. After auditing 100’s of website, these are the main focal points of an SEO campaign that will improve your keyword rankings and revenue.

Keyword research

Keyword clustering

Audit of existing content

Content ideation

Internal linking analysis

Meta tags review


HTTPS response codes analysis

Coverage issues in Google Search Console

Canonical tags

Link profile analysis

CRO Quality factors

A website audit service can include a wide range of analyses and evaluations. Here are some of the most common things that a website audit service may include:

Conversion Analysis: This involves a comprehensive analysis of your website’s technical performance, user experience factors, and conversion items. We do not call it technical analysis because we aim to propose changes that will improve your bottom line first.

Content Analysis: This involves an analysis of your website’s content, such as expertise, experience, authority, and trust. We also review the on-page factors such as meta tags, keyword placement in the content, & how it reads (grammar/tone).

Link Building Analysis: We assess a website to see how it is gaining links, where it needs more & make recommendations on how to get more links using traditional processes or digital PR.

Our SEO and Website audit service takes six to eight weeks.

Your website will be analyzed by Legacy’s search team during this time to determine the best strategy for your business and to provide recommendations on how to improve your site’s performance in order to improve its ranking and create a better user experience.

We will then send you a detailed Website and SEO audit report covering all of the tactics and technical factors that we consider important in an SEO campaign. We will also organise at least one call to discuss the most important factors we found in terms of content, conversion, and links.

Our website audit package starts at €8,500 paid in advance for websites up to 1,000 pages. If your website is over the 1,000-page threshold, please get in touch.

What does the starter package include:

• Troubleshoot keyword rankings

• Analysis of up to 70 pages

• Backlink analysis

• Conversion analysis which includes technical factors and user experience

• A report & call to discuss the most important findings from the analysis

Investing in a website audit provides valuable insights that help marketing teams create an informed strategy to grow your business.

From previous audits, we have helped companies:

• Troubleshoot lost keyword rankings in target markets

• Conduct content analysis to understand what content to optimise and delete

• Understand what new content your business needs

• Uncover where your website is creating a poor user experience

• Research your links profiles for strengths and weaknesses

• Find out why conversions are lagging behind industry benchmarks

• Finally, how do other marketing channels impact your SEO performance

As an SEO service provider to global SME’s, our goal is to create a positive ROI from SEO for our clients. The website audit service investigates all possible factors from content, conversions, and links.

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